Key Game B

Metaverse Battle Game (THE NETCODE CONFLICT 2080)

Game story

In 2080 AD, human science has advanced further, and it is a world where robots with artificial intelligence coexist with people in human society and dream of a better life. A multiverse portal developed with human technology was opened, and it allowed us to experience various worlds such as the future, the past, fantasy, and space travel.
Then, one day, on an exoplanet several million light-years away from Earth, space pirates, destroying various ecosystems in space, invaded Earth through a portal. A cyborg human with a higher intelligence than a human. They destroyed everything on Earth at once, and all the animals and plants of the Earth were in danger of disappearing. To fight against those with formidable powers, the Earth Science Lab StarkMeta IBS sent the most elite Soldiers to the battlefield as a secret weapon to fight them with the super suits and super weapons they had been developing for a long time. The operation code name is THE NETCODE. A key to open the portal for the multiverse
Super Soldiers have the ability to open portals by throwing blue jewels called smeta, and in order to win the war, they must bring more powerful weapons and suits of heroes and legends in the multiverse journey.
10 attractive characters with various special functions
You can choose from a variety of heroes such as Warrior, Cyborg, Meta Devil, Gladiator, and Giant Soldier. When they wear a supersuit, they gain more power.
Game mode
Battle Mode: Up to 50:50 PvP Team Battles
You can enjoy realistic team battles through voice chat with friends.
Bet SMETA in a team battle and the winning team takes it as the loot.
Story Mode (Version 2)
Through multiplayer, you can cooperate with your friends to hunt huge legendary monsters and various enemy characters through the multiverse.
You can mine SMETA by attacking the enemy, or grab the enemy and capture them to use in battle. You can travel around 20 fantastic worlds, catch various monsters, mine SMETA, or collect monsters with NFT.
10 different weapons
You can collect various weapons such as shotguns, sniper rifles, laser guns, flame guns, and bazookas and use them in battle.
10 different vehicles
You can lead a team battle to victory by appropriately using tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, motorcycles, etc., which will be the main means to win the battle game. A countdown is applied to each vehicle.
10 kinds of supersuits
Supersuit only applies to guild hunting, and includes 10 special features that allow you to mine more SMETA and NFT.
The Supersuit can be purchased in a limited edition at the store.

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