Dubai City Burj Khalifa Commercial Metaverse

๐Ÿ”นBusiness model description

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, and with 163 floors, it is a landmark and tourist attraction in the Middle East. StarkMeta has developed a business model that can launch Burj Khalifa stores as well as Dubai city by applying the latest Unreal Engine 5 technology and blockchain web 3 technology for the first time in the world.

By integrating enterprise payment gateways, it integrates all existing payment systems (including cryptocurrencies) to complete a true commercial business model that can be implemented on Metaverse for everything from national corporate brands and governments to universities and non-profit organizations.

๐Ÿ”น Burj Khalifa Stores on Each Floor

  • 160th to 163th floors: StarkMeta Business Penthouse (VIP Only)

  • 159th floor: StarkMeta Sky Opera House (VIP only)

  • 158th to 159th floors: StarkMeta Sky Lounge (VIP Only)

  • 157th floor: StarkMeta Sky Restaurant (VIP only)

  • 156th floor: StarkMeta Sky Observatory (VIP only)

  • 155th floor: StarkMeta Sky VIP Club: (VIP only)

  • 153th floor: StarkMeta Sky Casino (VIP only)

  • 154th floor: StarkMeta Sky Museum

  • 152th floor: StarkMeta Sky E-sports

  • 151th floor: StarkMeta Sky Music Club

๐Ÿ“ฃ Brand store random launch on the 3rd floor to 150th floors:

2nd floor: StarkMeta Futuristic Vehicle Store:

100 Futuristic Super Vehicles

1st floor: StarkMeta Supercar Showroom:

100 supercars:

B1: StarkMeta Fashion Store

Suits, shoes, gloves, hats, hairstyles, and accessories:

B2: StarkMeta Boat, Yacht, and Time Machine Capsule Store

๐Ÿ”น Blockchain metaverse technology

Real Estate & Store Staking (Rental Revenue) GAMEFI>

In Metaverse, you can stake or purchase a variety of buildings, land, and brand stores while traveling to modern cities such as Dubai, Busan, Manhattan, and Victoria, as well as futuristic and fantasy cities. This is a model that generates annual revenue like real estate rental income and allows value-added transactions with NFTs.

Supercar, future car, special function suit staking, and trading>

There are various stores on Metaverse, where you can purchase limited edition products or stake. All of these can be traded with NFTs, and rental income through staking is also possible.

๐Ÿ”น Special Feature Suite Demo:

Coin and NFT Mining System>

There are various missions in Metaverse City, and there is also a battle zone.

You can purchase weapons or special features from the store, purchase a ticket to enter the Battle Zone and start mining coins. Supported coins include major coins and native coins. In addition, NFTs can also be mined, stored permanently, or traded.

๐Ÿ”น P2E (Play to Earn) and M2E (Move to Earn) systems>

In the metaverse, there is a system that generates revenue based on the time you play the game (P2E) and a system that generates revenue based on the distance traveled (M2E).

When a specific mission is offered, a countdown is displayed and the time played is displayed. You can also get more rewards by purchasing special items, such as gloves and shoes, from the store in the Metaverse City, and getting rewards for running, or by acquiring items that increase time while climbing buildings.

In addition, you can move faster and longer distances through various items such as speed-improving items and high-jumping super boots.

๐Ÿ”น Battle Game, E-SPORTS, and Gambling Game Betting System>

In Metaverse, there are various betting events such as team battles, survival, tournaments, and casino betting. If you win the battle, you can receive your opponent's bet amount as a reward, or you can receive various ranking rewards.

You can also increase your profits by betting on the battle of the rankers on the leaderboard.

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