Key Game A

Metaverse Society Game (THE NEO LIFE 2050)

Game story

In 2050 AD, Dr. Stark, who was researching a time machine and conducting research on other life forms in the universe, discovered a key to access the multiverse world while researching a red meteorite discovered during a planetary journey. . He named the red meteorite metastone, mass-produced it in the form of a small capsule, and succeeded in commercializing it. Finally, a world where anyone can open a portal with this small capsule has arrived. The name of the capsule is SMETA, and anyone can put it in space. When thrown, a portal opens and you can experience the multiverse world.
All the worlds people dreamed of and fantastic adventures unfold.

Collaboration of various stores and brands

In Metaverse City, there are shops selling various products.
Collaborated brand stores integrate physical stores and game stores to maximize product sales and promotion.

Travel to over 20 cities to mine SMETA and collect NFTs

Through the portal, you can travel through the multiverse world, collect various legendary items, or mine SMETA. Collected items are permanently stored in your wallet and can be bid with NFT.

Buying and staking buildings and land (rental income)

You can purchase rare buildings with unique designs from around the world and land with various issues and brands. Purchased buildings and land provide staking returns of up to 5% annually, which is equivalent to rental income for real buildings.
You can purchase a building, become the owner of the building, and sell the store, create added value by permanently storing it with NFT, or proceed with bidding and resale.

Special encounters with celebrities and stars - Fendom

You can become the fen of celebrities and stars in the game and enjoy special parties and performances they invite. Buy your favorite celebrity's cherished items, or
You have to buy a ticket to see their performance.

Various recreational and hobbies

You can enjoy various recreational activities such as viewing art, car shows, movie theaters, soccer games, basketball games, motor shows, and various other hobbies such as golf, horseback riding, casinos, and night clubs.