Game Basic

As we've been developing games for over 10 years, we've come across some issues from a fanatic player's point of view. They invest a lot of time and money in MMORPG or FPS blockbuster games, and they immerse themselves in the game according to the game developer's intentions. They spend hours a day playing games, battling friends, buying expensive items, and investing generously to level up their characters. However, since most games have similar logic and there are no special differences in the game system, they move on to another new game, and they try to sell the characters and items they have purchased in the store, but even get back their investment. It's not easy. In addition, when game developers reach break-even, the service may be stopped or no further upgrades will be performed, so the number of users may decrease or immersion in the game may decrease.
It is a game based on blockchain that can solve the chronic problems of games that cannot be fundamentally solved like this.
However, blockchain games also have disadvantages. It is the fact that most of the blockchain games released so far are either simple or low in graphics, or the most important elements of the game, fun and immersion, are missing.
We can see these characteristics in gambling games. The gambling game is simple, but it creates the expectation that you can make money by betting time and money. However, gambling games have very little chance of winning, and most of them lose money because odds manipulation is also possible on the platform side.
Over the years, we have developed amazing graphics, game fun, immersion and addictiveness, user rewards for time and money invested, licenses for future added value and permanent ownership, and continued operation of the game and the possibility of large-scale participation by users with a purpose. we focused on research and started to find the answer to that in a game platform based on blockchain and Unreal Engine.
We started bringing indie game developers from all over the world together, and together with blockchain senior developers, we started to develop attractive games from the perspective of users.
As a result, we finally succeeded in developing a metaverse commerce game and metaverse battle or action game based on the amazing graphics of Unreal Engine, which paved the way for the possibility of converting blockchain wallets and inventory game items into NFTs. gave
We want to succeed in developing an API that integrates NFT and WEB 3.0 wallets in all Unreal Engine-based games, and apply it to our first battle game.
In the game, users can collect items, mine coins, bet their NFTs and coins freely with friends in battle games, purchase NFTs with coins, bid, or use game items (characters, costumes, special functions, weapons, vehicle), etc., has been applied.
This allows users to earn more profit as much as time or money invested, and in particular, permanent storage of NFTs makes it possible to create added value in the future. In other words, the users now have an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in the game with a purpose like a pro gamer in a money-making game.