StarkMeta Tokenomics

We plan to launch various platforms based on Unreal Engine and blockchain. This will not be limited to games, but will range from VR, AR, video social and gambling to financial platforms. Token rewards are provided for 10 years and up to 35% of the total supply of SMETA tokens is applied.

The blueprint for token rewards is as follows:

Gaming Platform: Up to 10%
Financial Platform: Up to 7%
Betting Platform: Up to 5%
Social and NFT Market Platforms: Up to 12%
Airdrops and other communities: Up to 1%

SMETA Token information

Total issuance: 2 billion
This is a max issue and no further issues are issued by any algorithm.
Platform: ERC20/BSC/Polygon/etc
This applies to multiple chains, and cross-chain swaps are carried out through the in-game wallet.
The algorithm that can mine SMETA through the game is applied, and you can mine coins for the amount of time invested in the game.
In-game P2E rewards
A true Play To Earn game where you can earn money through games.
Celebrity reward: 10%
Celebrities and brands are launched and stakes are distributed according to their contribution to the ecosystem.

SMETA Token Distribution

35% of the Ecosystem (operated for 10 years, average of 3.5% per year)
SMETA can be mined or rewarded on all StarkMeta platforms, which is applied at an annual rate of about 3.5%. It can be mined for 10 years.
15% of the Team and Founders (locked for 1 year)
Team members under the founder token allocate a 15% stake, locked for one year.
10% of Future Development (locked for 2 years)
We token allocate a 10% stake for the development team, locked for 2 years by default, but unlocked after 1 year by 0.5% based on performance.
10% of Masternode (locked for 1 year)
The top 500 holders are the master nodes of the platform, token allocation of 10%.
10% of Celebrity Reward (locked for 1 year)
Celebrity and brand and influencer partnerships token allocation a 10% stake based on brand value and contribution to the platform.
10% of Marketing (locked for 6 months)
Marketing team, game publishers, major media, etc. token allocation 10% according to their contribution. They unlock up to 10% after 6 months to fully utilize their stake.
10% of Private Sale (locked for 1 year)
Private investors, institutional investors (VCs), major exchanges, etc. will receive a 10% token allocation.

Tokenomics Explained: