StarkMeta Ecosystem

1. Game users (35% total of supply over 10 years)

Users can mine SMETA or receive rewards through the game. To mine more SMETA, you need to buy better items. In the battle game, you can bet SMETA and NFT to win the game. In monster hunting or simple action games, you can catch monsters, collect coins, or collect NFTs for permanent collection and resale.
The collected SMETA and NFT are easily converted into cash through the exchange. In a commercial metaverse game, you can buy clothes, special items, cars, etc. from the store, buy tickets for a show or show, buy tools to mine gold in a mine, or buy real estate such as buildings and land. Especially if you own real estate, you can open a store, earn annual staking returns, or convert to an NFT and hold it permanently.

2. SMETA holders (10% total of supply)

Holders can make a profit just by holding the currently undervalued SMETA. SMETA is an important payment method for the ecosystem in the metaverse game, and when real estate (building, land) is purchased and staked. The added value is likely to increase.
In addition, the Top 500 Holders (Masternodes) will receive in the token allocation from all StarkMeta gaming and financial platforms, and will be entitled to launch their own branded buildings or items. A 10% token allocation is also applied for the top 500 SMETA holders.

3. Brand and Celebrity Partnership (10% total of supply)

Brands or celebrities can launch their own brand in Stark Meta City (Metaverse) or create a larger fan base. From clothes to buildings, they can launch all their brands, You can also enter the store.
Celebs can have everything from music shows, performances, fan meetings, fan parties, mansions, private planes, etc., and can take 85% of all profits from product sales. 15% will be distributed to Starkmeta City residents. A brand can launch its own city and brand metaverse.

4. Publishers and corporate advertisers and media partners (10% total of supply)

Publishers or corporate advertisers who help promote the game can run corporate ads within Metaverse City. You can advertise on a signboard or screen in the battle game city, participate as a sponsor for character costumes or cars, and also advertise on large screens, billboards, and video in various places in the commercial metaverse city. Publishers can token allocation in game launches and game sales.

5. Private investors and VCs and major exchanges (10% total of supply)

They support the metaverse city of their own assets, and they can apply the asset's coin or their business model to the entire metaverse ecosystem. In addition, it grants the right to become a stockholder in case of unlisted or public listing as well as dividends from net profits for the game.
They participate as guardian nodes, stably manage the blockchain ecosystem, and obtain advisory qualifications to provide management advice.