What is StarkMeta?

Blockchain enterprise commercial metaverse based on Unreal Engine 5

StarkMeta's core business is to create a full Reality Society metaverse where all the commercial activities of a real city can be experienced in the metaverse world. To this end, our team aims to implement a high-level metaverse by building a veteran entrepreneur leadership team that connects real businesses, a game development team at the level of large corporations, and a veteran senior blockchain team with decades of experience. In particular, we are working with the governments of each country and are working on a collaborative partnership to provide a metaverse to the entire MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.
Various commercial activities in the metaverse world, just like purchasing products at a real store, by applying blockchain-specific functions such as real estate sales, NFT transactions, coin mining function and staking, as well as various recreations, WEB3 wallet, and enterprise payment gateway support.

Blockchain metaverse p2e game based on Unreal Engine

Welcome to StarkMETA, the world's first blockchain-based multiplayer battle shooting game (FPS) based on Unreal Engine 5. Traveling around 20 worlds to hunt giant legendary monsters,
A true P2E game where you can bet coins and NFTs on battle games with friends, or win prizes through game contests such as tournaments and survival.
Players can open their own shop, sell weapons, sell suits, sell vehicles, buy buildings or land on the battlefield, stake coins, and have the unique characteristics of assets. You can create a character or keep all items in your inventory permanently with NFT.

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